SunLight Healing Therapy @ Nadipathy™

SunLight Healing Therapy @ Nadipathy™- Kakinada
Sun healing / Helio Therapy are one of life’s great pleasures. For some of us, exposing our skin to the gentle warmth of the sun’s rays in the spring and early summer is, in a way a form of sun-worship.
Helio Therapy is defined as the treatment of disease by exposing the body to sunlight. It is the treatment of diseases by means of Sun’s electromagnetic waves.
Many people take sunbath while worshiping the rising sun. There is amessage of growth and development in rising sun. A person who awakes early and sits on a mattress with bare minimum clothes for 15-30 minutes in bright direct sunlight is said to be taking a sunbath. By this bath body gets Vitamin - D and the entire body gets similar temperature. This process helps to cure diseases like Arthritis, Body ache, Obesity, Psoriasis, Leucordarma, Malnutrition, etc.
The sun can help regulates the production of hormones by stimulating the pineal gland regulations it secretions, which may allow for more creativity, insight, mindfulness as well as helping to improve mood, helping decrease symptoms of menopause stage.
Sun light is so called Electro Magnetic radiation – Energy of many different wavelengths emitted by the Sun; it travels through space at the enormous speed of 1, 86, 000 miles per second. Such energy provides us with the heat and light we need, as well as, delivering damaging UV rays.
In addition to UV, Visible light & IR, Sunlight is composed of a host of other solar rays such as cosmic rays, gamma rays, x-rays, radio-frequency radiation; but these are present in too small quantities and have too low energy to affect our skin.
The most benefit of sunlight therapy vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body regulates the immune system, increase calcium absorption, and avoid kidney stones, diabetes, and even obesity. Best time of the sun light healing therapy at early morning and before sun set.
• Acne psoriasis and other skin diseases
• Muscular stimulation and relaxation
• Seasonal affective disorder
• Reducing body odour
• Boosting the body immune system
• Reduces the depression
• Insomnia
• Clears skin
• Regulates hormone production
• Breaks down toxins
• Increase toxins
• Mental health
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Sri Peetam Street,
Behind : Bank of Baroda,
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Ph: 0884-6459111, Mobile: 8885011326/329
Vydehi Nagar, Vanasthalipuram,
Opp: Sri Indu PG College, Hyderabad
Ph: 040-65459111, Mobile: 8885011322 /323 /324
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