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Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder) Cured In 1 Weak Treatment @Nadipathy™


Body pains are common to everyone at some times. It mainly caused by muscle injury and some food habits. Cumulative degeneration can gradually compress spinal nerve roots causing increased pain, as well as, weakness or sensation loss in the arms and legs. Body pains are primarily diagnosed in persons over 40 years of age and incidence increases with age.

Body pains are key indication of some health issues. It may be the only symptom in many cases. These changes can, over time, press down on (compress) one or more of the nerve roots. In advance cases, the spinal cord becomes involved. This can affect not just the arms, but the lugs as well.

Types of Body pains:

• Shoulder pains

• Neck pain

• Leg pains

• Sharp back pain

• Ankle pain

• Shin pain

• Muscle pains

• Heel pains

• Wrist pain

• Frozen shoulder pain

• Elbow pain

• Thigh pains

• Calf muscle pains


• Pain after standing and sitting

• Head ache especially in back of the head

• Vomiting and…

Yoga Therapy @Nadipathy™ Kakinada

Yoga is the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India with a view to attain a state of permanent peace and maintain good health. Patanjali is the father of the Yoga. Nadipathy treats patients by teaching simple postures / asanas to the patients in curing the disease much faster way.
Nadipathy Centers:
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Nadipariksha @Nadipathy™ Kakinada

Nadipariksha is the one of the best treatment in Nadipathy. It is an ancient Indian spiritual healing system. Human body is made up of five elements (fire, earth, air, water and wood) and the universe is also made up of pancha bhoothas. The universal energy is passed in human body through certain pathways called meridians. Each organ in the human body is associated to a specific element. The five elements would receive energy from the universe and pass this energy to the organ they are associated to.                      The meridians carrying the energy not rigid pathways to create blocks. When the energy does not flow properly to any one of the five elements, the energy gets blocked and this leads to cause disease or ailment in the human body. This imbalance reflects to the Nadi or pulse. This nadi is diagnosed and a single needle is inserted to the energy block of the meridian, the blocks gets cleared and the corresponds to organ rejuvenated. Nail ends are mostly…

Hip Bath@Nadipathy™


Scoliasis (narrowing spinal canal) Cured in 2 Sittings @Nadipathy™

Subtle body treatment - First time introduced to the World by Nadipathy™

We treat Subtle body that cures your physical body-WITHOUT ANY medicines | X-Rays |Scanning |Surgeries | |medicines| @ Nadipathy We LOVE to treat, cure and serve your past and Present.

The Ancient Indian treatment - Nadipathy prevents FUTURE ailments by treating the subtle body.

Nadipathy - First Eco-Friendly treatment without any medicines and side effects. @ Nadipathy™ we believe and preach that prevention is better than cure and always strive to find innovative methods with our Nadipathy research Foundation team headed by Dr.Raju.

Nadipathy – Energizing the subtle body Tree hug Therapy and Sustainable

Nadipathy diagnose treatment procedures

1. Nadipathy, an ancient treatment now discovered by Dr. P .Krishnam Raju and First time launched in the world.

2. Nadipathy – A method of treating patients without using any medicine and surgery. The benefit of Nadipathy is diagnosing by examining the pulse, eyes, tooth, …

Cupping Therapy @Nadipathy™


Leech Treatment @Nadipathy™

Leech Treatment @Nadipathy™ Leech therapy is the use of leeches in the treatment of disease conditions. Medicinal leeches are bloodsucking worms that they live in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. Leech consists two “suckers”, one at each end. The back end sucker helps to attach its host; the front sucker contains the mouth with three sharp jaws that leave a Y – shaped bite.
The first practice of leech therapy is thought to have taken place in ancient India in 1000 BC. In ancient – medicine, the leech therapy was used to remove waste blood from a patient as part of a process to “balance the body fluids”.
When the micro-circulation of the body is disturbed, the whole body suffers. In our body red blood cells (R.B.C) carry oxygenated blood to all the tissues and organs. When red blood cells start to lose their flexibility or stick together, they can no longer get through the smaller vessels. Cellular exchanges of nutrition and waste disposal are disturbed and the body tissues ar…

Green leaf therapy @Nadipathy™

Green leaf therapy @Nadipathy™ Kakinada Green leaves therapy is the use of plants (leaves) to treat disease and enhance wellbeing. Medicinal leaves is used to treat a range of disorders anxiety, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, eye, hormonal imbalances, migraines, skin problems and other disorders. Green leaves can act on the body as powerfully as pharmaceutical drugs and need to be treated with care.
In research studies Nadipathy notice an interesting pattern; Green leaves therapy aims to return the body to a natural state. Different medicinal leaves act on different systems of the body. Some of the leaves that have been scientifically studied and found to be effective and safe to heal the diseases.
Nadipathy research foundation introduced this Green leaves therapy first time in the world to heal many diseases. Where medicinal leaves are considered fundamental therapy for many acute and chronic conditions. Some leaves have potent ingredients and should be treated …

Moxa therapy @Nadipathy™

Moxa therapy @Nadipathy™ Moxa comes from a herb Mugwort and is being widely used. Moxa is burned in order to warm the body during an acupuncture treatment. This is called moxibustion.A safe therapy. Moxa is important in the treatment of fatigue, fibromyalgia and pain syndromes, certain musculo-skeletal injuries, arthritis, digestive disorders, women’s menstrual issues and more.
In India this treatment is termed a s Chutta therapy. There are varieties in this therapy like Ginger Moksha, Potatoe and other. At Nadipathy we treat patients by putting the heat on the appropriate reflex points or Su Jok points/ Acupuncture points.
We at Nadipathy follow Ancient Indian treatment methods to cure all health problems by without using any medicines. This is one of the regular therapies. It gives great cure and promotes natural healing after the treatment. It strengthens the immune system and assures good quality of life. During and after treatments, people reported that they feel very relax.
At Na…