A world record has been set on 9th Dec 2015 by Team Nadipathy Research Foundation.

A world record has been Created on 9th Dec 2015 by Team of Nadipathy Research Foundation. 

On First Time Nadipathy research Foundation has created multiple records by conducting a Mega event of Ancient Tribal Therapies like Tree Hug Therapy, Green leaf, Mud, Acupuncture and Chutta Therapies.

These records were created with the support of many Schools, colleges, Office goers, Therapists, philosophers, Therapists who have taken a interesting initiative in participation and throw a symbol of their fascination and Love towards the Nature, which needs the attention now for the entire World.

A total of 6000 people were participated in this Mega event.
As you know Nadipathy’s efforts in treasure out the old traditional way of treating the simple to chronic ailments getting a tremendous response from the society. In this regard we had conducted each therapy individually with social participation since we have a dense forest called Maredumilli and it’s an appropriate place for all these traditional therapies.

The local participation by many school childrens, tribals, Government staff and Tourists were participated voluntarily with an immense interest.

For TREE HUG THERAPY the trees are so much appealing that looks they are touching the Sky. The Mud looks as if the sandal paste is applying on the skin and a great toxin removal and it was instantly felt by those who had undergone this therapy.

The TRADITIONAL ACUPUNCTURE which was prominent in the tribal areas also treated, in those days the tribal’s used this therapy by using sharp thorns that releases / emits the bad energy which is the root cause of the body ailment or toxin pool up.

CHUTTA THERAPY is one of the ancient medicinal treatment is being used now a days with Moxa as renowned by Chinese. A tobacco like leaf is being used in this traditional therapy on the skin by heating on the effected parts. We can observe in this Moxa is known as Chutta therapy wherein different Medicinal leaves wrapped and light up to treat the external bruises / pains.
At this camp this also has got a tremendous response.

Last but not the least, Nadipathy Research Foundation efforts and commitments in excavation the New therapies will always go on with the Society support and thanks to one and all for all the participants who had taken initiative an created Nadipathy presence with an Indianism.

Programme Co-Ordinator
Dr. S. Rama Subrahmanyam
Nadipathy - Hyderabad.
040 65459111, 8885011324 / 9490890124 

Founder & Chairman of Nadipathy
Dr. P. Krishnam Raju
Nadipathy - Kakinada.
0884 6459111 / 8885011325 / 9491023456.

Email: nadipathy@gmail.com   Website: www.nadipathy.in



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