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Green leaf therapy @Nadipathy™ Kakinada
Green leaves therapy is the use of plants (leaves) to treat disease and enhance wellbeing. Medicinal leaves is used to treat a range of disorders anxiety, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, eye, hormonal imbalances, migraines, skin problems and other disorders. Green leaves can act on the body as powerfully as pharmaceutical drugs and need to be treated with care.
In research studies Nadipathy notice an interesting pattern; Green leaves therapy aims to return the body to a natural state. Different medicinal leaves act on different systems of the body. Some of the leaves that have been scientifically studied and found to be effective and safe to heal the diseases.
Nadipathy research foundation introduced this Green leaves therapy first time in the world to heal many diseases. Where medicinal leaves are considered fundamental therapy for many acute and chronic conditions. Some leaves have potent ingredients and should be treated with the same care and respect as pharmaceutical drugs. In fact many pharmaceutical drugs are prepared from naturally occurring compounds found in plants.
In ancient times leaves are used as plates to eat the food. Some of them are-
Banana leaves: These leaves are commonly used in most of the occasions, when warm food is taken on the banana leaf, some medicinal flavonoids & enzymes are enriched in such food that boosts the Gastric & Hormonal system. It strengths the Manipura & Mooladhara chakras which activates the pancreas, ovaries, testis. And it also act as against to toxic properties. The leaf turns black colour when the toxic food is placed on this leaf. So it is easy identification method to toxic food.
Lotus leaves: These leaves are widely distributed in fresh water lakes. When warm food is taken on this lotus leaf, some natural antioxidants & enzymes are enriched in such food that boosts the immune system. It strengths the Hrudaya chakra which activates the thymus gland for immunity.
Teak leaves: When warm food is taken on the Teak leaf, some medicinal enzymes are enriched in such food that boosts the nervous system. It strengths the Agna chakra which activates the pituitary gland.
Almond leaves: These leaves are also commonly used by ancient Indians. When warm food is taken on almond leaves it reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, some studies show that almond leaves can also boost immunity, improve mental functioning and speed healing process of the body. It strengths the Vishuthi & Hrudaya chakra which activates the thyroid & thymus glands.
1. Mango leaves - to treat respiratory problems
2. Neem leaves - to treat skin problems
3. Papaya leaves - to treat immunity problems
4. Banana leaves - to treat gastric problems
5. Lemon leaves - to treat nausea & head aches
6. Tulsi leaves - to treat skin, fever, cough& immunity problems
7. Banyan leaves -to treat nervous disorders
8. Ashok leaves - to treat menstrual & diabetics
9. Amla leaves - to treat liver problems
10. Brahmi leaves - to treat memory power
11. Henna leaves - to treat hair problems
12. Vasa leaves - to treat breathing problems
13. Alovera leaves - to treat skin problems
14. Drumstick leaves - to treat vata dosha problems
15. Capsicum leaves - to treat nerve pains & arthritis
16. Mint leaves - to treat nausea & migraine pain
17. Coriander leaves - to treat eye problems
18. Aswagandha leaves – to treat stress & nervous disorders
19. Eucalyptus leaves - to treat wounds & rheumatoid arthritis
20. Indian beech leaves - to treat skin & dental problems
21. Arjun tree leaves - to treat heart problems
22. Pumpkin leaves - to treat impotence problems
23. Green grass - to treat stress problems
24. Fenugreek leaves - to treat skin & hair problems
25. Tea tree leaves - to treat fever & insect bites.
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