Ancient Traditional Tribal Therapies

Nadipathy’s Ancient Traditional Tribal Therapies

Nadipathy ™ - An Ancient Therapeutic Treatment introduced 1st Time in the World.

First time Nadipathy™ Research Foundation is conducting Ancient Tribal Therapies to create the awareness and bring them to limelight for the next generations. These Ancient Tribal Therapies have a wide range of curing COMPLETELY the incurable ailments. Dr.Raju and Nadipathy team would like to introduce and treat the patients with these therapies that have no side effects.

Who can attend?
Patients who are suffering from Diabetes, Skin diseases, hyper tension, renal issues
And many others.

Therapies involved:
Mud Therapy, Chutta Therapy, Green leaf therapy, Tree hug therapy, Bee Venom Therapy, Ancient Traditional tribal acupuncture.

Date & Time : 9th Dec 2015.     9am- 3pm
Place : Vali Sugriva Vanamulika Samrakshan Pradesam, Maredumilli,
                                East Godavari District.  Andhra Pradesh, India.

We request all the patients to come and attend this Holistic Health Camp and create a World Record with 6000 patients.

Dr. S. Rama Subrahmanyam   Dr.P. Krishnam Raju
Programme Co-Ordinator           Founder & Chairman of Nadipathy
Nadipathy – Hyderabad             Nadipathy - Kakinada
040 65459111 / 8885011324 / 9490890124   0884 6459111 / 8885011325 /                                                                                                   9491023456

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